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Phoenix, Arizona enjoys about 300 days of sunshine every year. That may sound like quite a pleasant climate if you don’t consider the five months of summer that can be, at the least, brutally hot. Not many of us can escape into the cool mountains, but thankfully seeking refuge in the air conditioned interiors of your home or office is always possible. And, we at John Bond Contracting ensure that your refuge is always ready to welcome you!


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We are a premier heating and air conditioning company in AZ and have been successfully serving legions of our customers in The Valley since 2003. Our forte is our versatility, expertise, and experience. We offer a comprehensive and thorough air conditioning repair and maintenance service that ensures your cooling unit remains in top-notch working condition for years to come. Our customers keep coming back to us not only because we can fix any kind of glitch-from simple frozen coils to more complex ones like a thermostat that has broken down, Freon leaks, or faulty wiring-but also because we have skilled and qualified technicians on board to take on work on a variety of makes and models, such as a Trane AC repair. We also install brand new cooling units.



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Not only because of our functional efficiency but also the host of conveniences we will provide to you. We understand that being without an air conditioner during the scorching summer months is not at all an inviting prospect. That is why we let you book an Immediate Service Call with us. Or else, you can call us to schedule an appointment and we will drop by at a time that is suitable to you. Our services are prompt, reliable, and effective without breaking your budget. That’s why we have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and have not had any complaints filed against us with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.


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